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Tree Trimming
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Proper tree trimming is an essential element to overall tree care and long-term health of your tree. It's important to take proper care of them to ensure they stay healthy, thrive in their environment, and add value to your property. We can remove dead, broken, or diseased branches located in and throughout the entire tree.

Tree Removal
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We have a well trained crew to remove trees properly of any size, big or small. The removal process starts up in the top section of the tree. Crew members climb up and begin removing limbs. Larger limbs are cut into smaller pieces. We work from the top down to assure proper safety and removal. We will leave your yard cleaner than when we began.

Shrub Trimming
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When it comes to shrub trimming and shrub removing, we use the same techniques as our tree trimming services. Remove dead shrubs, liven the shrug, complete removal, and overall maintenance. Tree Ninja includes debris haul off with all of our removals as well. 

Tree Climbing
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We use proper climbing techniques for tree climbing jobs such as inspections, object removal, or small limb trimming. We've all been in that position of whether we should climb that tree to get the ball or kite. Next time that happens, take the safe route and call the professionals. 

Sub Contracting
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Need us to come finish the job? Give us a call. We are more than willing to take over the work and make sure it gets done right.

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